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Image by Erick Tang
Anne, Ditchling - 

"Thorough, efficient and professional service from Jo and Abbie . I also appreciated the practical and constructive advice on dental hygiene which I now follow religiously. I am new to the area so was delighted to find Jo and have my teeth cleaned so brilliantly."

Luisa, Brighton - 

"Seeing Jo - the mobile hygienist - was an excellent experience. I found it really convenient to have her visit me at home, and she has all the equipment so that the appointment was just as thorough as you would expect from seeing a hygienist a dental practice. She is professional but gentle and made sure I was comfortable throughout the appointment. Thank you!"

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Beth, Worthing - 

"I would definitely recommend Jo she was gentle and very patient also spoke you through what she was doing and it was a all round relaxing feel for both me and my partner having it done at home! She also left us with the correct flossing tools to use for our teeth. They felt brilliantly clean when Jo was finished we will definitely be booking in again and be recommending Jo to friends and family."

Paul, Brighton - 

"The mobile dentist is extremely efficient and professional. The appointment was so convenient as she came to our house with all her equipment. Everything was assembled without a fuss and the treatment was first class. I don’t particularly enjoy going to the dentist so it was much nicer to be treated in the comfort of my own home. My teeth felt incredibly clean afterwards. I would highly recommend Jo if you would like a high quality and convenient service."

Image by S&B Vonlanthen
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