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About The Mobile Hygienist

My name is Jo Crossman, I am a dental hygienist (and dental therapist) based in Brighton. I have over 20 years’ experience in dentistry, working as a Dental Hygiene Therapist since 2017.


During my time in the dental profession, I have had the pleasure of meeting and helping many people improve and maintain their oral health, and I am now very excited to continue this journey bringing a mobile dental hygiene service to you, wherever that may be!

I have lived in Brighton for over 25 years, I am a proud mother of 4 beautiful children and a loving wife to Tim. In my spare time I enjoy running, cooking, trying new cuisines and travelling the world with my family and friends. 


I am a believer in caring for your body and mind, research continues to prove the mouth is the gateway to a healthy body. A healthy you starts with a healthy smile.

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Why are we providing a mobile dental hygiene service?

The idea of a mobile dental hygiene service first came to me several years ago, with the aim of providing oral health care and support to people at a place and time which is convenient for them, especially for those who might struggle to come to the dental surgery, for whatever reason. 


However, like many ideas, I found it difficult to make the necessary time to take it forward with the business of work and family life. This was until the Covid-19 pandemic, where because I was unable to see patients for several months, I reflected again on how many people struggled to access any form of dental care. 


When we were finally able to welcome patients again to the dental surgeries in which I worked, it was clear to me that there was even more need for this service than there had been in the past, with many people working in different ways (for example, home working), people and patients in care or nursing homes struggling to access dental services, and a greater desire for care to provided at a time and place more convenient for people (closer to their homes or workplaces).


I had a lot of enquiries from family members regarding friends and relatives that were unable to access dental care for a variety of reasons, and when I enquired there was very limited domiciliary hygiene services set-up to help. This prompted me to consider how I could help, and so here we are today!

Yearly Checkup

Anne, Ditchling

"Thorough, efficient and professional service from Jo and Abbie . I also appreciated the practical and constructive advice on dental hygiene which I now follow religiously. I am new to the area so was delighted to find Jo and have my teeth cleaned so brilliantly."

Opening Times

As this service aims to provide flexibility to you, we can offer early and late appointments Monday to Friday, appointments as available throughout the day, and we have some availability on Saturdays. Please let us know what would be most convenient for you, and I am confident we can work around your availability.

Areas We Cover

At this time the service is focussed on patients in Sussex, however, if you live further afield, please let us know as we may be able to travel longer distances depending on the specific circumstances, and especially if we are providing care to more than one patient (for example, residential or nursing homes).

A Greener Clean

We appreciate the need to contribute to a sustainable society, and therefore, in addition to offering a professional, caring service, we are striving to be as sustainable as possible.


Where it is safe for you, we will minimise the use of disposable items, and because of the mobile nature of the service, only travel in a fully electric van. We will continue to identify ways to ensure our service is not only caring for you, but also our planet.

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